What is the point of self-HELP?





Seriously, why bother with fixing this and fixing that? Why be better at getting better? What is the point, really, of self-help, self-love and self-esteem?

 Is it to just feel better about you, your life and your loved ones? And then what?

Is it to be perceived as a good and kind person? And then what?

Or, to be seen as successful, creative, productive, organized, talented…or whatever is your image of what you seek with self-help? And then what?

What is the point of self-help? After all the personal improvements, insights and “aha” moments, then what?

Frankly, I believe the point is to help others. It truly is that simple. The point of getting better at being human is to be good to other humans. It’s to play an active role in our society, getting involved in the areas of life that is in desperate need of change and connecting with the people who are in any kind of pain or suffering around our community, our country and our world.

Self-help as an end in itself is just plain self-centeredness.  If that sounds harsh, stop and reflect on where in your soul it has hit you. What needs to change in you for that statement to make perfect sense and not in anyway be perceived as offensive or “harsh”?

Why IS self-help a billion dollar industry? To what end? How do we justify spending so much presumably getting better at being…whatever…and our world continues to fail at serving so many? If we are spending so much to improve ourselves, it seems the world we live in ought to be improving, beginning of course with our immediate circle of influence and moving outward as our newly developed minds and hearts would demand. 

So ask yourself…why am I improving myself? Who benefits? As I improve, how does my environment benefit?

If you and I are not involved in any cause bigger than our little world how can we feel good about being human? Even more poignant question is “how can I feel good about being a champion of and pursuer of self-help?” What IS THE POINT?

The ‘Habits that Help’ blog is about creating new powerful personal and professional habits that HELP the world. So let’s create a habit of responsiveness to issues that matter in our world. Let us create habits of taking action and feeling responsible for our fellow human beings.

I suggest you:

1)         Reflect on what your deep concerns are in your community – where you live and where the issues exist

2)         Do your research – beyond the “news” programs and learn more about these concerns and issues

3)         Take action to spread the word and take a stand on any issue that resonates with you

4)         Create or strengthen your habit of responsiveness by doing the free program offered on this page…take 21 days and consciously take action each day in an area of your choosing

5)         Be grateful for the life you live, wherever you are free to live it. In that gratitude will come empowerment to do more and take more concrete steps towards change.

Take these five steps and say hello to a more joyous, connected, peace-making and loving you. :-)


Wishing you an abundance of peace, joy and love,

Julette Millien