Our Vision, Purpose, Mission & The Five B.A.S.I.C™ Principles of Life

Vision: What we see when our purpose is fulfilled and our mission accomplished?

We see a world that is healed where people are free and living at their highest & best as we serve each other and future generations.

Purpose: What is our driving passion, coming from/resides in our heart, the fuel for our mission?

  • To help individuals, teams and organizations to heal, grow and be of service
  • To empower individuals with excellent personal and work habits so they could positively impact the world
  • To spread the healing power of forgiveness

Mission: How will this all get done? What will we be doing – actual action we will be taking to achieve our purpose and realize our vision?

  • Provide products and programs designed to create lasting transformations
  • Be a product of our products
  • Have programs accessible to all


The following five BASIC principles serve as a blueprint for every aspect of life. They guide how I live life, how I parent, how I teach and coach and they are the conceptual foundation of all my writings, products and services.  I often challenge groups and individuals to come up with a principle or essential habit that DOES NOT fall into one of these five principles.  No one has as yet! :-)

1. Benevolence:  All real and lasting success must be linked to a higher purpose of service and a spirit of generosity.  Benevolence is about love – being able to give it and receive it. As you consider creating new habits, being whole and impacting the world think about how you can invoke the principle of benevolence in all you do.  If this is a  challenge – if being loving, kind and generous does not come easily for you, this will be an area to concentrate on if impacting the world (positively) is your goal.

My husband participated in a Success Habits in 21 Days program some time ago and he actually chose to work on smiling more!  Simple habit but my goodness how it ripples through all of life!  And what a tough habit (serious expressions) to break!  But he did it.  The effect on relationships, business and on his own sense of peace and joy was amazing.

2.  Self-Efficacy:  This is pretty straight forward.  There is no success without getting things done.  If you’re not able to accomplish what needs to be accomplished on a daily basis, you won’t be achieving success on any level – personal or in service to others.

3.  Integrity: However you define success – peace, joy, prosperity, etc…being a person of your word and having high standards of conduct is pivotal.  Being able to be free to be who you are privately in your public and business life is about integrity. In web 2.0 language it’s about being transparent.  A high level of success requires unquestioned credibility and integrity. This of course transfers directly to any work you take on as you attempt to have impact in the world.

4.  Creativity: Being able to find solutions for challenges in your business and personal life is about creativity.  I used to think that creativity was only about the arts.  I didn’t see myself as a creative person.  But thank God for progress, I now know better.  Creativity is a vital principle of success and of life.  There is no success without finding solutions for life’s challenges and being able to think outside the box.  And of course life itself is based on the creative principle of progressing one stage to the next.

5.  Consistency: You’ve got to be able to do it all (practice the other 4 principles) everyday. Oh of course people have bad days or moments.  My Pastor (Dr. Therman Evans) just said something in church on Sunday that was perfect.  Having “a moment” doesn’t mean you’re not on the mission!  We’re human, we have moments; we even have days!  The thing is to recognize your moment, see it for what it is (be accountable to yourself) and move on. This is the principle that is primarily about forming habits: being consistent with your effort and commitment.

Together these principles form the conceptual and practical foundation of life, success and, of creating new habits that help.

If you sign-up for the free offer (in right margin of this page)  21 Days of Taking Action: How To Create a Powerful New Success Habit  you can choose to create a new habit from one of these five areas. Then, you will have to get more specific and think of action items you can take daily to make the principle a powerful new habit in your life.  My husband working on ‘smiling’ surely helped him to be perceived as and actually BE more benevolent through his actions. He was always one of the most benevolent people I knew but it wasn’t always obvious on the outside.

This is the thing: Many times our inner beauty and magnificence is not what people perceive because of bad habits that need changing!

Now, in order to live a balanced life you’ve got to think about your habits in each of The Five Vital Venues of Life.You don’t want to be a raving success in business but have a horrible family life, or vice versa (even though I’d take the latter over the former any day!)  You don’t want to have an imbalanced life – that is not success and it certainly would not impact the world in a balanced and lasting way.

Suggested Exercise:  Try these principles on for a few days and see how they wear.  Apply them to your work, your home, your relationships and certainly to your decisions.  At key moments just ask yourself, “am I being benevolent?”  Do the same for the other principles and see if you don’t become more conscious and empowered.

Have fun! :-)