How to NOT get annoyed – Try these 4 steps

Puppet on a string-PINOCHIO

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I posted this as a FFT – Friday Forgiveness Tip:

Friday Forgiveness Tip: Think of all the things that annoyed you this week…If it’s likely that those same things will/can happen next week, maybe making a decision today to not get annoyed next week will give you back some control of your life. [not agreeing with or liking something need not lead to annoyance]

Seems a tough pill, so I thought I’d say a little bit more…

How to not get annoyed at something that IS annoying? That’s a magical question because mastering the art of not getting annoyed at things that would ordinarily be annoying creates magic in your life. I haven’t mastered it on every level or with everything but I am diligently working on it!

Here are the 4 steps to take:

1) Basically you have to DECIDE that YOUR reaction is completely under YOUR control. “No one else can have that kind of power over me” I say to myself!

2) After I have committed my self to that decision it gets easier. It becomes a game almost…a challenge I give myself to be around something “annoying” and not be annoyed.

3) When the thing happens, I imagine the person or situation as trying to grab control of me and turn me into some sort of puppet on a string. That picture gets me riled up. And it motivates me to remain in control of my own reactions and emotions. I also imagine myself NOT ANNOYED! See it, believe it and you will achieve it.

4) I also try to remove myself from the space – not necessarily physically, where I can sort of look at the exchange as a third party. That helps a lot! Imagine how a reporter would be as they observe a situation, taking notes and everything. The reporter is me.

If needed, I remove myself completely, if possible.

Do these 4 steps – Decide, Commit, Imagine, Remove. They really work.

You don’t want THIS:                                                       You want THIS!!!

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Have a magnificent weekend,

Julette Millien