How to NOT get annoyed – Try these 4 steps

Hi Friend! I posted this as a FFT – Friday Forgiveness Tip: Friday Forgiveness Tip: Think of all the things that annoyed you this week…If it’s likely that those same things will/can happen next week, maybe making a decision today to not get annoyed next week will give you back some control of your life. […]

How to NOT let negative thoughts destroy your life – 5 steps

Hello My Friend, Let’s suppose… a burglar came banging on your door (perhaps because he could see you and knew the telephone was out – I don’t know, just roll with the ‘suppose’ for a moment.) So there is this banging and you know it is trouble, NOT a friendly visitor. Would you just open the […]

Want More Joy? 7 Surefire Steps to Lasting Joy

  Hello there! I’ve been thinking and writing a lot about self-discipline.  It’s a habit or a mindset that leads to intense satisfaction and lasting joy. The joy comes when a mountain of work is accomplished and the reward is reserved for when it is done.  Then upon completion, several deep exhales of held breath […]

7 Top Ways We Waste Time – and How to STOP

  Hello My Friend, I won’t take too much of your time on this — if you could stop wasting time how much would your life improve? Just visualize how your creativity, productivity, joy and peace of mind can be IF you used more of your time to actually live the life you dream of […]

Forgiveness Tip Time – Big Difference Between Pardoning and Forgiving!

  Some folks think when they’re forgiven they are free from consequences… NOT TRUE! And others withhold forgiveness because they believe the person will not be held accountable…or, hold themselves accountable. (This happens but is not your business – forgiveness is for YOU whether people are held accountable or not!) There is a BIG difference between […]

10 Reasons We Don’t Do What We KNOW To Do

Hello My Friend! This question has been with me for decades. I’m fascinated by how human beings operate with their knowledge. We know a thing and we know it’s the best thing to do – will bring us maximum happiness, peace, success, health, etc, etc… But yet we fail to take action. WHY?? I’ve asked this […]

BEing in The Land of Joy (& NOT Just Doing Stuff)

  Hello My Friend, I want to share this post ( on Facebook ) about the joy of getting things done: “I just did something I’ve been putting off for God knows how long and I CANNOT express the joy of action…especially when I know it’s coming from a place of BEing and not just doing for […]

3 Steps to Find Your Joy in The Midst of Chaos

Hello My Friend, If you are busy every day, tired every night but yet there is no steady smile in your life, you need to find your joy spot. I know, I could just hear some critics now – “but with the condition of this world, WHAT is there to be joyous about?” Especially in […]

Not ready to forgive? 12 Things To Do… Until Forgiveness Flows From You

Hello My Friend, Deciding to forgive yourself or someone else can be a huge and slow process/decision for some people. Of course the sooner the better…the faster you are  free to live and love at your highest and best. But it is a challenge for so many. So in the meanwhile here are some things you […]

Serena’s One Bad Habit – She Says

  Hello there! When I read this article about Serena Williams and her attempts to become “superfit”  my mouth hung open. This super athlete – in my humble opinion, thinks she is not and has “never really been fit, you know.”  Huh?! How can that be? I know she has had her ups and downs, […]