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An Overview of Our Programs

First, we have programs for individuals and groups designed to Create Your Best Life.

Often well-intentioned people jump right into trying to give back to their community or help other people in ways that they have not yet helped themselves.  They end up being burned out, used up and not at their best.  We do first things first in our offerings.  Developing skills and personal habits that create the foundation for a life of service is our approach. Giving back in ways that impact the world require your highest and best skills, habits and mindsets.

These Create Your Best Life programs can be delivered by video, email, one-on-one sessions, conference calls or a combination of mediums.

The following workshops are ideal kick-off events for the corresponding 21-day programs. They cover all the planning and pre-work required for success with the series.

Our workshops are activity based with strong conceptual foundations.  All are based on the Five BASIC Principles™.  The ideal workshop size is 12 or smaller and all can be customized to align with your company’s core values, mission and vision statements. These are excellent team building opportunities.  They can be delivered on site or employees can attend a ‘public program’ where they are grouped with other participants.  Depending on your goals, there are tremendous advantages to on-site or public options.

Workshops include:

  • Self-Image Mastery – focus on how individuals see themselves with regards to their goals and their ability to achieve their goals. Exercises are designed to get to the source of disconnect and make needed adjustments in self-image
  • Communication – personal, public speaking, writing, returning calls and emails, handling challenging situations
  • Organization and Order – order is essential for success: your life, daily routines and rituals, your areas of personal discipline.  Your home, office, car, closet, handbag, briefcase, drawers, kitchen, ALL of it needs order in order for life to run smoothly and for you to be successful
  • Forgivology – using the power of forgiveness and release to clear the air, lighten the load and create the space required for creativity and productivity
  • Accountability – reflection and rating of your personal accountability; identifying areas for improvement and creating a plan of action for immediate improvement
  • Creating new success habits –  a general overview of creating habits, replacing old unproductive ones and maintaining empowering mindsets
  • Goal-setting/Gratitude – a customized approach utilizing aspects of some of the best goal-setting paradigms coupled with a powerful 3-step process called PAL
  • Team-building – action-filled, fun and exciting team-building exercises. All driven by clear learning objectives.

21-day programs designed to create new success habits that help are available in:

  • Self-Image Mastery
  • Creating new success habits
  • Forgiveness
  • Communication
  • Accountability
  • Self-discipline
  • Personal organization
  • Goal-setting
  • Team-building
  • Service
  • Continuous Learning

Then, after you and/or your team have made some significant progress with your personal and professional growth goals, we focus on your passions, your skills and talents and on what you have always felt a pull to do; finding that thing you are passionate about, skilled in and the world is in need of.

Our Impact the World sessions are powerful.  They get to the heart of the matter quickly and efficiently.

Impact the World Series is a 3 part workshop:

  • Mining for Treasure – designed to uncover your passions and your skills
  • Select the Sweet Spot for Service – A review of your passions, your skills and the needs of your community and the world.  What are you best prepared to offer the world?

And finally, we work with people or organizations who are deeply inspired to be of service to others in ways that are significant AND long-lasting.

To this end, our Leave a Lasting Legacy series is all about turning what you love to do into a sustainable service in a form that will outlive you.   This could be starting a non-profit or an online presence or simply keeping a well documented journal of the journey.

The form your legacy takes and how it will survive are the key aspects of this series.

This section of our offerings is based on the belief that what we do here on earth must be of some positive use to later generations.

Leave a Lasting Legacy Series

We uncover here how you can live now with a view towards the eternal.  How can you insure your life’s work lasting longer than your physical presence?

We look at:

  • Daily Presence, Eternal Choices
  • What will last?
  • Living and Dying

Again, these programs can be delivered in person, by video, email, one-on-one sessions, conference calls or a combination of mediums…please  see Rates Chart for general fees. Customized programs will be priced accordingly.

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