Why habits that help?

I have been working in the self-help industry for almost three decades.  I’ve coached hundreds of people and taught thousands.

Burn-out for me came in 1998. I wish I could give the details but ethics won’t allow.  I can only give a general overview.  While I was coaching a senior executive on presentation skills, I realized he was about to make a presentation to his board on a subject that was controversial.  My client’s position was self-serving, I thought.  Unfortunately it had nothing to do with helping the employees or the community. It actually was a request for a program that would reduce customer service significantly.

I had one of those “why am I spending my day doing this” moments. On the flight back home, I gave serious thought to exactly what it was about my day that was not gratifying.

That’s when I came up with the phrase “I only want to help people (with public speaking) who have something to say.” I know that seems arrogant – who am I to say who has something to say, right?  Well at the time, I needed a bit more hubris in the area of managing my life.  During the 4 hours of that flight home, I came up with a game plan for ending my work days with more gratitude and joy.

Though I grew up with big dreams of positively impacting the world and launched my coaching/training career with that mission, the allure of getting paid really well had lulled my senses and high expectations for my life.

I got off that flight energized and committed to helping people who were helping people. Programs to do with self-image mastery, forgiveness, communication, organization, accountability and on how to create powerful new success habits were created.

For the past decade my work has centered on helping people create ‘habits that help.’

So here’s our reason for existing:

  • We are here to assist you, or your organization with personal development that matters…the kind that leads to service that impacts the world.
  • We are passionate about helping you build on your strengths and passions as you create a lasting legacy

Personal growth for its own sake is NOT what we are about.

So if you are a person with a desire to be your best possible self AND to positively impact the world and/or you represent an organization with a sincere commitment to service, our products and services are designed specifically with you in mind.

With habits that help we can be the change the world so urgently needs.