How to NOT let negative thoughts destroy your life – 5 steps

Thoughts n Thieves

Hello My Friend,

Let’s suppose… a burglar came banging on your door (perhaps because he could see you and knew the telephone was out – I don’t know, just roll with the ‘suppose’ for a moment.) :-)

burglar at doorr

So there is this banging and you know it is trouble, NOT a friendly visitor.

Would you just open the door? Or would you FIRST: be still and pray, find a way to hide, find a phone that works and call for help, scream, run to the back door, wake people up, block the door, put all lights on…. do SOMETHING that would keep you and your family safe?

In other words, would you just willingly let trouble into your house? Or wouldn’t you do all you can to keep it out?

I’d like you to think of your mind in the same way.

When a negative thought/emotion ‘comes a knocking,’ just like with the burglar, don’t ignore it but for heavens sake, don’t invite it in and entertain it!

Instead, take these steps immediately:

  1. Do what you can to DEAL with the reality of the moment
  2. ACKNOWLEDGE its presence
  3. Be clear and focused  that it is NOT welcome in your mind (or your home)
  4. Be vigilant in raising all possible positive alarms (spiritual, mental and physical) needed to neutralize the intruder
  5. THINK a POSITIVE thought, quickly and passionately!

Letting the burglar or thought in with open arms, just is not very smart!


Now after the burglar is dealt with, spending some time assessing the security of your home is essential. How sturdy is that front door? Is a security system necessary? What do you need to do to make your home safe? Why did that burglar choose your home?

The same is true for those pesky thoughts…after a negative thought is shut down by more powerful positive thoughts, assessing the patterns of your thinking, the sturdiness of your foundation in positive living and  the recurring nature of your negative thoughts are essential mental ‘security planning’ issues to explore.

Why and how these thoughts ‘just pop up’ are important answers to seek.

What beliefs or memories they spring from are important to know.

Just like the burglar, you can’t simply keep fending them off and refuse to deal with stopping them from coming in the first place.

Like the burglar, without action and proactive planning, negative thoughts will eventually come in and take over your mind.

So have a plan, become aware and get that mental security system in place!

Wishing you an abundance of peace, joy and love,

Julette Millien