How to NOT let negative thoughts destroy your life – 5 steps

Hello My Friend, Let’s suppose… a burglar came banging on your door (perhaps because he could see you and knew the telephone was out – I don’t know, just roll with the ‘suppose’ for a moment.) So there is this banging and you know it is trouble, NOT a friendly visitor. Would you just open the […]

10 Negative Thoughts That Hold You Back – and How to Change Them!

              Hello My Friend! I hope you are having a thoughtfully beautiful day! This is a very common concern and challenge we face: that is, our own negativity in thoughts (and in living). Putting love into action in your life each day, I bet, is a major conscious or perhaps, […]

Toxic Thoughts – How to get rid of them

Hello My Friend, How about one day without toxic (negative) thoughts? Just try it. Wear a rubber band, catch yourself, snap it and change it! Some stats and tips to help you are here More from Dr. Carolyn Leaf 4 Steps to Get Rid of Negative Thinking  Take it one hour at a time but […]