If you think forgiveness is just for the individual to work out some personal issues you are so wrong!

Forgivology™ is all about how productivity increases – at work and with teams, when the air is cleared of the dead weight of hurt feelings, grudges, misperceptions and unresolved issues.

People do not park their baggage with their cars when they walk into work.  Unfortunately, baggage tends to follow us where we go unless a conscious and concerted effort is made to address the unresolved.

Workshops and 21-day programs are designed to professionally handle unproductive behaviors that result from unforgiveness.  Our programs seek alignment with your organization’s values and goals.  Participants are made to feel safe as they place the spotlight on personal responsibility for choices at work.

These programs are highly customized.

Please contact Julette for further information on the Forgivology programs.

If you are interested in forgiveness on an individual basis, please visit How Do I Forgive or contact Julette directly.

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