7 Top Ways We Waste Time – and How to STOP



Hello My Friend,

I won’t take too much of your time on this — if you could stop wasting time how much would your life improve? Just visualize how your creativity, productivity, joy and peace of mind can be IF you used more of your time to actually live the life you dream of and deserve – instead of wasting time every day!

Visualize that.

Then reflect on how you waste time. Review the list below.. be accountable for your preferred time wasters and then…COMMIT to stopping.  That simple!
I know it’s not easy but it is doable – so just commit to the work if you want what you visualized above.

If you hear/see yourself in any of these – stay still for a bit and reflect on why that is… then COMMIT to this: start doing something else instead! (suggestions in blue)

  1. Excessive TV and other mind-numbing entertainment – Read instead… about a hobby or skill you’d love to learn more about… OR, DO the hobby or skill!
  2. On-line activities – same as #1… OR exercise or play a sport with friends instead
  3. Talking/hanging with other folks who are not getting things done – Pick one friend who wants to do more in life and become accountability partners…
  4. Looking for misplaced things – get ORGANIZED; spend some time putting things where they belong and keep it that way. (may need to throw or give away some things in this process!)
  5. Feeling badly about not getting more done – FORGIVE yourself and MOVE ON!
  6. Not forgiving yourself and moving on! – yep, had to mention twice it’s SUCH a huge problem for folks. – really, FORGIVE yourself, and move on :-) (or you’ll be here next week and next month, even next year with the same issue!)
  7. Feeling pained about people’s behavior – Keep your vision clear in your mind and make a decision, do you want to still be visualizing this better life next week, next month and next year or do you want to actually be there – more creative, more productive, more joyous and more peace of mind? If you want that badly enough you will decide to put pain in perspective, forgive these folks (basically, release the weight from your heart and their ability to continue hurting you by remote) and MOVE ON. 


Too much to take on all at once? Replace one time-waster at a time… just get started!

Wishing you an abundance of peace, creativity, productivity and lasting joy.

Julette Millien