Want More Joy? 7 Surefire Steps to Lasting Joy

  Hello there! I’ve been thinking and writing a lot about self-discipline.  It’s a habit or a mindset that leads to intense satisfaction and lasting joy. The joy comes when a mountain of work is accomplished and the reward is reserved for when it is done.  Then upon completion, several deep exhales of held breath […]

7 Top Ways We Waste Time – and How to STOP

  Hello My Friend, I won’t take too much of your time on this — if you could stop wasting time how much would your life improve? Just visualize how your creativity, productivity, joy and peace of mind can be IF you used more of your time to actually live the life you dream of […]

BEing in The Land of Joy (& NOT Just Doing Stuff)

  Hello My Friend, I want to share this post ( on Facebook ) about the joy of getting things done: “I just did something I’ve been putting off for God knows how long and I CANNOT express the joy of action…especially when I know it’s coming from a place of BEing and not just doing for […]

3 Steps to Find Your Joy in The Midst of Chaos

Hello My Friend, If you are busy every day, tired every night but yet there is no steady smile in your life, you need to find your joy spot. I know, I could just hear some critics now – “but with the condition of this world, WHAT is there to be joyous about?” Especially in […]

Here are the 3 best ways to “spoil” our children

Hello My Friend! Just a short note to encourage you to spend fun time laughing…   … “hand to face” and belly hurting laughing with someone(s) special today. Tickling, riddles, knock-knock are all fair game. This is a wonderful and perfect way to be fully present and engaged and connected to children In addition to […]

Power-Start Your Day — Remember These 5 Things Within 5 Minutes of Rising

Hello Dear One, I promise you, remember these 5 things as you rise and your day will begin with the most inspired mindset and open heart; ready for all the miracles of the day. 1)      If you believe in God, remember GOD LOVES YOU – NO MATTER WHAT! If you don’t believe in God, remember […]

Forgiveness Tip Time – Such an OBVIOUS Choice

  Wishing you an abundance of peace, love and joy, Julette Millien ∞♥∞

Stop talking and take action TODAY – 3 steps to get you started

Hello Dear One, This has become my battle cry – Take Action NOW!  I’ve long felt that the self-help industry is too much about writing and reading great-to-good to redundant  books and not enough about people feeling their empowerment and TAKING ACTION. We need to read less about taking action and simply take action…even if […]

The truth – is only one…

 I just ran into this post from last year and it was SO RIGHT ON TIME. I had to share with as my spirit tells me it will be RIGHT ON TIME for someone else. Hola My Friend! Morning musings…as I woke: I learned this, again, in the last 24 hours…The key to peace is […]

We choose our joy before we feel it

Hello My Friend, This is the truth – when a lot of things are pulling you against living your life with joy like major world and community issues, pained people, personal struggles AND you stand up to it all and say “NO, not today, my joy is not negotiable OR, up to you!” — it’s […]