BEing in The Land of Joy (& NOT Just Doing Stuff)

 Joy unspeakable
Hello My Friend,
I want to share this post ( on Facebook ) about the joy of getting things done:
“I just did something I’ve been putting off for God knows how long and I CANNOT express the joy of action…especially when I know it’s coming from a place of BEing and not just doing for the sake of doing.
What are you putting off that YOU KNOW is significant and powerfully connected to your purpose in life? Or maybe it’s not so deep…what are you putting off that once done will create the space …for you to BE your best self?
Ok, so that’s still a bit deep…lol. Here it is…What do you need to get done simply because it needs to get done and you are putting it off for no good reason? There! 
Are you denying yourself the joy of living your best life and BEing your best self by clogging up your life with the negativity and “stuck-ness” of procrastination? 
Take a step and you will be instantly transported to the land of joy.  :-)”
You might be wondering what the difference is between BEing and DOing. Well, think of it this way, you can DO and not BE but you can’t BE and not DO. Well perhaps that didn’t make things any clearer.
Being is all about authentic living. Being what you preach is beyond walking the talk…we can ‘walk the talk’ and be primarily doing stuff and looking like we’re doing stuff. Being is who you are through and true. It’s who you are when the lights are out. Being is becoming that which you are doing or attempting to be.
Often, people use ‘doing’ to keep themselves away from being – we stay busy with ‘busy work’ as a way of avoiding who we really are born to be. Perhaps it’s fear, perhaps it’s low self-confidence or esteem…but whatever it is, if you find yourself being very busy but still unfulfilled, chances are you are ‘doing’ as a way of avoiding your truth.
So don’t stop procrastinating and become busy just because you feel you have to. Do stop procrastinating because you are being more aligned with your call in life. Stop because your integrity and authenticity require it. Don’t stop because you feel being busy is the answer. It really isn’t.
The real joy comes from Being and when we “be,” the doing just flows. And so does the joy. :-)
Wishing you an abundance of joy, peace and more joy,