BEing in The Land of Joy (& NOT Just Doing Stuff)

  Hello My Friend, I want to share this post ( on Facebook ) about the joy of getting things done: “I just did something I’ve been putting off for God knows how long and I CANNOT express the joy of action…especially when I know it’s coming from a place of BEing and not just doing for […]

13 Questions to Ask if You Knew You Were Dying

Hello Dear One, A Facebook friend posted these questions today and immediately I wanted to share with you… John Assaraf said “If you knew that you only had 7 days to live…. What one place would you like to see? Who would you invest time with? What one thing would you do?”   Here are […]

The Land of Joy

Hello My Friend, I have not been writing regularly and I’m trying to change that. At first it was just a shortage of time and the priorities of life but as I came out of the habit of daily blog updating it became easier and easier to NOT write. So here I am, attempting to […]

My Mother, what an example!

Dear Friend, I recently posted this on Facebook, to encourage my friends to take action NOW on all things love and relationship. In honor of my mom I urge you to connect with a loved one today…for a moment, a whisper of love, or a day of fun. The last day I spent with my […]