3 Steps to Find Your Joy in The Midst of Chaos

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Hello My Friend,

If you are busy every day, tired every night but yet there is no steady smile in your life, you need to find your joy spot.

I know, I could just hear some critics now – “but with the condition of this world, WHAT is there to be joyous about?” Especially in the midst of major world disasters, it does seem somewhat off the mark to be talking about finding your joy spot. But it isn’t. Really.

I am so very tuned into the massive pain in our communities and around our world.

It’s actually this awareness of pain that brought me to this topic. Joy IS NEEDED! With all that is happening and tends to happen regularly – disaster, wars, lies, corruptions, cover-ups, conspiracies, betrayals and so on  —

We MUST actively seek our joy. It will not find us.

Here’s why this is important: To be an effective solution finder, we must be clear-minded and focused on finding creative solutions: We can not be if we are consumed with either despair or frustration. We simply can’t let the bad and evil in the world snuff out our light.

Living from our joy will lighten our spirit and we will then be more likely to find solutions for the problems of the world… and for our personal life as well.

The “bad” side wins when we loose our light. To hold on to your joy and your light in the midst of all the drama of the world here are three steps to take.

Finding Your Joy:

1. KNOW that it is there…hold onto your belief that peace and joy is your birthright and that having joy in your life is a daily choice YOU make. KNOW WHAT YOU KNOW regardless of the “feelings of the moment”

2. Spend time daily DOING something (music, prayer, meditate, exercise, laugh, read, etc) that brings you joy – as early as possible in the day

3. ACTIVELY seek out and TAKE ACTION with your passion, gift or talent. If you could create your most perfect month, what would you do….no, don’t just think about what you wouldn’t do…how would you spend your time? After a few days or even weeks of leisure activity, you will want to do something, what would that something be? How would you like to spend your time, if you could create your most perfect work day and week?

Do THAT thing as often as you can to find and grow your joy.

Finding your joy spot is essential to creating habits that help the world. To help the world you must have confidence in what you believe, take action daily and actively pursue your passions.

If you do these 3 things consistently, you will not only find that joy spot, you will nurture it and grow it.

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The first tip – KNOWING…is about having faith. When you believe something you have to believe it even when your emotions – like fear, doubt, anxiety – are telling you otherwise. THAT is what faith and knowing is all about. It doesn’t evaporate when the going gets rough.

So find your joy spot and create short cuts to it…getting there fast is best. In our world of intense external dramas we need all the internal joy and peace we can find.
Create your ‘plan for joy’ today and be prepared for the next round of doubt or anxiety. We’re human, it will come. :-)

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Wishing you an abundance of peace, joy and light,



Julette says:

My pleasure Kevin!