10 Reasons We Don’t Do What We KNOW To Do

Know and not do - Buddha quote

Hello My Friend!

This question has been with me for decades. I’m fascinated by how human beings operate with their knowledge.

We know a thing and we know it’s the best thing to do – will bring us maximum happiness, peace, success, health, etc, etc… But yet we fail to take action. WHY??

I’ve asked this question of many and have received as many different responses. But I’m always looking for patterns – because it’s with patterns and habits we find our groove in life and yes, save a lot of time too!

In looking at all the answers I’ve received over the years, as well as my own reflection and research, these are the broad strokes:

 10 Reasons We Don’t Do What We KNOW  is Right To Do

1.    We do what we do (the things we know are not right) for a reason

2.    Our reasons always come from a place where they once made sense – they served a purpose, they protected us, they helped us in some reasonable way – notice, all in the PAST

3.    We haven’t REALLY learned the lesson at hand( or, not ready to learn it as yet)

4.     An underlying belief [probably a false one, but could be truth based, just not being appropriately applied] makes the lack of right action  make sense

5.     Something about our self-image and key, underlying beliefs need adjustment

6.     We don’t believe we are ready for change and what comes with it so we stick with old behavior patterns to keep us from change

7.     Something about the present situation is rewarding on some level

8.     The resources to take the new action are not available

9.      We don’t want the change enough to deal with the discomfort of change and disturbing old, comfortable habits (it’s like asking someone to throw out the most comfortable slippers or robe just because it has some holes!)

10.     We are not doing the little things daily that add up to big change over time. So the needed change always appears to be so very overwhelming.

If you know more than you do on a daily basis – in terms of personal habits, professional decisions and relationship dynamics,  I suggest you stop and be still.

Take these 3 steps:

A)  Meditate for as long as you can – a few minutes or 30 minutes, the amount of time is not the issue – it’s your decision to just be still, allowing yourself to receive some inner guidance

B)  Then review this list again and reflect a bit on each point.  See if anything resonates and think about the steps you can take immediately to end this cycle of not doing what you know is best

C)  Another round of stillness – allow those ideas that came to you in step 2, to just sit on the back burner as you empty your mind and breathe your way into stillness… In stillness, resolve is often found. (3-5 mins –at least)

Knowing and not doing-DaVinci quote

Wishing you an abundance of peace, joy, love & ACTION,

Julette Millien