10 Reasons We Don’t Do What We KNOW To Do

Hello My Friend! This question has been with me for decades. I’m fascinated by how human beings operate with their knowledge. We know a thing and we know it’s the best thing to do – will bring us maximum happiness, peace, success, health, etc, etc… But yet we fail to take action. WHY?? I’ve asked this […]

Service for Sanity

Hello My Friend, A life of service is not just a powerful way to make joy a life-style and the very purpose of life, it also keeps me sane. This is one upside down world we are living in — where wrong looks right, lies are said to be truth and people are suffering at […]

Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts – Buddha — 3 step exercise

Hello Dear One, Would you speak to your loved ones the way you speak to yourself?   Would you allow them to speak to you the way you speak to your self? The things we say to our self can be really mean, unloving and totally unkind. We hurt ourselves constantly with our self-talk. Let’s […]

11 Favorite Pics & Quotes on the Power of Thoughts

Hello! These 11 pics pick me up and send me soaring — I hope they do the same for you.   The Power of IMAGINATION: Thoughts and ACTION:       Don’t let your negative thoughts and beliefs WEIGH you DOWN!     The SHEER POWER of  Choice & Thoughts!      Take charge of your thoughts […]