10 Reasons We Don’t Do What We KNOW To Do

Hello My Friend! This question has been with me for decades. I’m fascinated by how human beings operate with their knowledge. We know a thing and we know it’s the best thing to do – will bring us maximum happiness, peace, success, health, etc, etc… But yet we fail to take action. WHY?? I’ve asked this […]

BEing in The Land of Joy (& NOT Just Doing Stuff)

  Hello My Friend, I want to share this post ( on Facebook ) about the joy of getting things done: “I just did something I’ve been putting off for God knows how long and I CANNOT express the joy of action…especially when I know it’s coming from a place of BEing and not just doing for […]

7 Reasons People Withhold Forgiveness (and Block Their Blessings)

Hello My Friend,   Not being a forgiving person is probably the single most powerful cause of most if not all  of our issues, pains and blocks. We KNOW all there is to know about forgiveness I believe – the scriptures, the command to love each other, the benefits to our health, relationships, the power of its […]