How to NOT let negative thoughts destroy your life – 5 steps

Hello My Friend, Let’s suppose… a burglar came banging on your door (perhaps because he could see you and knew the telephone was out – I don’t know, just roll with the ‘suppose’ for a moment.) So there is this banging and you know it is trouble, NOT a friendly visitor. Would you just open the […]

Toxic Thoughts – How to get rid of them

Hello My Friend, How about one day without toxic (negative) thoughts? Just try it. Wear a rubber band, catch yourself, snap it and change it! Some stats and tips to help you are here More from Dr. Carolyn Leaf 4 Steps to Get Rid of Negative Thinking  Take it one hour at a time but […]

Bad Habits – The Purpose they Serve

Hello, Yes indeed, bad habits serve a purpose. A few day ago  we took stock of our bad habits and when they tend to pop up. We also figured out our ‘lead bad habits.’ These are the ones to focus on – you know…treat the cause not the effect…heal the wound, don’t just cover it […]