Rates Chart

Rates Chart:

Offering Group Rate Private Rate Corporate Rate Purchase
Onsite Workshops Rates for non-profits available on request N/A $2500/day plus expenses
Packages- 6 & 3 months Available on request $4800 / $2600 Available on
1 month min
N/A $500 Available on
Phone/Skype Coaching 1 month min N/A $900 Available on
Not available at present
21-day Series Group $295/person $495/person Available on
E-programs $19.95 Bulk rate available on request


Additional Information

Onsite Workshops Rate includes consultations (2) for customization and post program analysis. Also applies to Executive Coaching
Packages For individuals (can be adjusted for teams or groups) where weekly conversations or meetings are arranged with full customization to suit individual needs. Multiple 21-day series and workbooks are included. All mediums (phone, email, skype, video or podcast) can be included in package by request

Coaching by email – 10 email exchanges per month. We work on specific projects and actions with built in accountability on your goals and objectives

Phone/Skype Four 45 minute sessions plus 5 email exchanges per month, working on specific projects and action steps.  Accountability is an essentail aspect of all sessions
21-Day Programs; Group Sessions begin the 1st of September, October and November of 2012, and includes three live conference calls, daily messages, video training and E-coaching
21-Day Programs; Private Sessions can begin as requested and includes four 30 minutes phone sessions and E-coaching
E-programs 21-day programs with daily messages and 3 videos sessions
Forgiveness & Prosperity Coaching using up to 10 email exchanges per month. Working sessions include discussions on specific challenges with forgiveness and accountability on your forgiveness goals to ensure action is taken on a regular basis. Time will also be allotted to your personal goals for prosperity. BONUS: Free download of The 7 Step System to Forgiveness in 7 Days