Do you choose EXCELLENCE or mediocrity each day?

            Hello My Friend, In every moment that we are in possession of our right mind, we are able to choose between excellence and mediocrity. I know it might sound so trite but it is still the truth. First, what is excellence? I know you think you know, but did […]

Here are the 3 best ways to “spoil” our children

Hello My Friend! Just a short note to encourage you to spend fun time laughing…   … “hand to face” and belly hurting laughing with someone(s) special today. Tickling, riddles, knock-knock are all fair game. This is a wonderful and perfect way to be fully present and engaged and connected to children In addition to […]

Forgiveness Tip Time – Waiting to Forgive

5 Powerful Ways to Increase the Flow Of Love in Your Life

Hello! The presence of love in our life is a given. We have an unlimited supply in us and we just have to know how to turn the flow on. Whether we believe in God or not, we are created with, through and for love. We are love. Now whether we believe that or not, […]

9 Ingredients of Love – How Loving are You, Really?

  Hello Friend! We often gripe about not being loved as we deserve (or not.) We moan about people treating us badly and we groan about how difficult it is to love others.  But how often or when last have you checked yourself? How well are you loving yourself and others? By what standard, you […]

21 Ways to Get UNSTUCK – and 3 Main Reasons We Get Stuck

Hello My Friend, It’s a common human experience, much as us high achievers might wish to deny it: Some days are much rougher than most as far as remaining optimistic, productive and at peace. The human condition is such that we are in constant flux with incoming stimuli and internal emotional, physical, mental, psychological and […]

How to Manage (and even END) Sudden Bad Moods – 27 WET “Works Every Time” Tips

Hello Dear One! Everything is going well and all of a sudden you find yourself starting to feel negative.  Seemingly out of no where! Has this ever happened to you? Does it happen often? Read on for some ways to have this happen less and less. Of course there may be reasons that have to […]

How to Live an Extraordinary Life – 16 Essential Daily Habits

Hello My Friend! Along with my clients, my work keeps me growing and learning and over the years I’ve collected quite a lot of informal research and insights about habits, success and how one impacts the other. There are certain habits that truly successful and extraordinary people have consciously developed because they understand their foundational […]

How to Keep Growing – 7 Essential Steps

                    Hello My Friend, Have you wondered about how you see the world and why you see it the way you do? It’s an essential thing to wonder about… IF you are serious about learning and growing. How we see the world can be pretty restrictive. […]

Forgiveness Tip Time – Being Free to Fight the Good Fight

  We can be so easily derailed, distracted and even demonized when we are guided by our (legitimate) feelings of outrage. Don’t fall for it. Stay focused on the bigger cause and higher purpose.   Redirect that rage…and fight the good fight. Wishing You Abundant Joy, Love and Peace Julette Millien ∞♥∞