How to NOT get annoyed – Try these 4 steps

Hi Friend! I posted this as a FFT – Friday Forgiveness Tip: Friday Forgiveness Tip: Think of all the things that annoyed you this week…If it’s likely that those same things will/can happen next week, maybe making a decision today to not get annoyed next week will give you back some control of your life. […]

4 Life Lessons – on how to handle relationship conflicts

The following was written about 3 years ago, but I just stumbled onto it and it was SO VERY helpful… I thought sharing it might bless you or someone you know.   Hello My Friend! I have to share some lessons from a recent personal experience.  It was shocking, dramatic and quite painful. So as […]

How You Can Overcome Self-Doubt – In The Moment

OK Hello! I had one of those ‘human moments” today – we all have them. Being as we are in fact… human Self-doubt reared it’s head just as I was about to do something humongous! You know how that goes – “Who do you think you are?” “YOU can’t do THAT!” Here’s what I did… […]

Physical Abuse is Sometimes Just the “Tip of the Iceberg”

Hello Dear One! When I shared this on Facebook recently, the response was overwhelming – into my inbox that is. People are ashamed, they live in a dark place with abuse. That is very sad for me. I’m sending this to my email list because my spirit led to do so. It did last week, […]

Let the Squeaky Wheel Squeak!

Hello Dear One, You know the saying “the squeaky wheel gets the grease?” Meaning… generally those making the most noise will get the attention…or pull on your energy, disrupt your peace, etc. Well, grease that squeaky no more! Unless someone is really in distress, do your best to not  respond to the squeaky wheels of emotional […]

How we give our power away

Hola! Here’s a little food for thought…  

Challenges Do Not Grow Us!

 Hello My Friend! This quote “we don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges” has some serious implications. Does this mean challenges are a good thing? When something horrific happens…is that a good thing? Suffering is good? Well, I …don’t believe suffering is good. And the challenges people face – all […]

Moving From Challenge to Transformation in 7 Steps

  Hello Dear One, How many times have you said or heard someone say “challenges make us grow,” or “challenges stretch us”? Upon hearing this statement I bet you agreed! (Or maybe you grumbled and said “yeah right!”) If you really agree with that statement, can you also say that the last time you had […]

How to Handle Family Drama – 4 Life Lessons…

  Hello My Friend! I have to share some lessons from a recent personal experience.  It was shocking, dramatic and quite painful. So as not to embarrass anyone or make matters any worse, I will do my best to keep the details vague but the lessons clear. In general, a very effective way to go […]