How to NOT get annoyed – Try these 4 steps

Hi Friend! I posted this as a FFT – Friday Forgiveness Tip: Friday Forgiveness Tip: Think of all the things that annoyed you this week…If it’s likely that those same things will/can happen next week, maybe making a decision today to not get annoyed next week will give you back some control of your life. […]

3 Life-Expanding Tips on Kindness

Hello, The ultimate “habit that helps” is of course kindness. Get this to be part of your character and life-style and you’ve got yourself a guarantee for joy and success. It’s a powerful habit to create and one that transfers into every area of your life! [ FREE 21-day e-coaching program to create new habits […]

How are you helping?

Hello Dear Friend, This quote from a great man was food for much thought and planning today.  How am I/are you impacting the next generation? Reflect and let’s commit to doing at least 3 things this week to positively impact the young people you know and the world they life in .  w. With Much […]

21 Days of MASSIVE Gratitude – Day 1 – Thank Yourself!

  Hello Hello! I AM SO EXCITED!!! I LOVED seeing all the pics and posts here when I got to the site. THANK YOU ALL!!! This is DAY 1 — of 21 days. Wow, already this morning I’ve had MAJOR challenges and had to pray, breathe and be still so I can stay the course […]

Forgiveness Tip Time

Hello Dear Friend, Sending you an abundance of Peace & Love, Julette Millien ~♥~    

5 Ways to Extend Life

Hello My Friend, When I first saw this picture, I literally gasped.  It’s not only beautiful, it represents our unlimited creativity. To take things that are taken to junk yards and put them to use in such a colorful, powerful and practical is what being creative is all about. This picture elevated my mood within […]

My 3 Most Powerful Personal Habits

              Hello Dear One, I’ve been ill the past week and so this is my first update in 7 days.  It’s been such a challenge to remain positive  while physically weak. But I hung in there!  I spent some time reading and encouraging myself as much as possible.  I ran […]

3 Steps to Peace

Hello Dear One! Solitude – sometimes it’s not physically an option. But remember you can always, breathe deeply, close your eyes (if possible) and be still. Even a few seconds, armed with a powerful positive intention, can take you from one state to another. From chaos to peace from doubt to resolve from anxiety to […]

The problem with forgiveness

Hello Dear One, This quote – The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.  M. Gandhi – does not reflect what many people think/feel about forgiveness… Sometimes it just seems as if I wear a big red sign that says “I forgive all violations, so go ahead, have fun, treat me […]

You Get What You Give

  Hello  Dear One, This is simply  the truth. There are different ways of expressing this idea of getting what you give; we reap what we sow. Only as much as I give can I live. [Essence of Sunday’s sermon from Dr. Therman E. Evans at Morning Star Community Christian Center.] Set your sights on excellence and then go even […]