How to NOT get annoyed – Try these 4 steps

Hi Friend! I posted this as a FFT – Friday Forgiveness Tip: Friday Forgiveness Tip: Think of all the things that annoyed you this week…If it’s likely that those same things will/can happen next week, maybe making a decision today to not get annoyed next week will give you back some control of your life. […]

Let the Squeaky Wheel Squeak!

Hello Dear One, You know the saying “the squeaky wheel gets the grease?” Meaning… generally those making the most noise will get the attention…or pull on your energy, disrupt your peace, etc. Well, grease that squeaky no more! Unless someone is really in distress, do your best to not  respond to the squeaky wheels of emotional […]

21 Powerful Tips to Manage Bad Moods

Hello Friend! How often does this happen to you…everything is going well and all of a sudden you find yourself starting to feel negative, for what seems like “no good reason”?  If your answer is “more than I’m comfortable with” read on for some effective ways to have this happen less regularly and with less […]

21 Tips to End Bad Moods

Hello Dear One! Everything is going well and all of a sudden you find yourself starting to feel negative. Has this ever happened to you? Does it happen often? Read on for some ways to have this happen less and less. Of course there may be reasons that have to do with hormones, life changes […]

7 Powerful Tips for Dealing with “Overwhelm”

  Hello there! It is a sad reality but many people – even those who look the opposite, are quite overwhelmed.  There are many reasons for this. We live in an information overload era. SO much information is at our fingertips we can hardly keep up with a fraction of what comes our way. We […]

Offense, is it taken or given?

The comedian Ricky Gervais said something in a recent article that grabbed my attention. He was talking about his hosting the Golden Globe last year and how folks were bent out of shape about some of his more colorful jokes and routines.  He said, “offense is not given it’s taken.”  How brilliant is that? It’s […]

3 Main Reasons We Get Stuck and 16 Ways to get Unstuck!

Hello,  It’s a common human experience, much as high achievers might wish to deny it: Some days are much rougher than most as far as remaining optimistic, productive and at peace. The human condition is such that we are in constant flux with incoming stimuli and internal emotional, physical, mental, psychological and spiritual states of […]

Don’t Believe Everything You Think

But don’t stop there…If you believe this is true…that believing everything you think is not a good idea, then why stop there? Our thoughts are deceiving. They are sometimes (often) more negative than accurate. They bring us down (never a good thing) or pump us up, sometimes to a fault. Most people would agree with that […]

10 Instant Recipes To End Negativity

Hello! You know how sometimes out of the clear blue you would start to feel something you don’t want to feel? This may be a recurring thing or may occur infrequently but it happens to the best of us. The most positive people with the grandest intentions have these negative intrusions… Og Mandino in the […]

Day 14 of 21 Days of Action: How to Rise When You Fall – 3 Steps…

  Hi there! So here we are at day 14 of our 21-day journey together!  When you signed up for this trip to take action with your goals for 21 days and to be accountable for extreme achievement,  I know you had the best intentions. No one signs on to something with the desire to […]