21-Day Detox Challenge ~ Spirit, Mind & Body

F R E E  21-Day Challenge!

Welcome to the powerful 21-Day Detox: Spirit, Mind and Body ! If you are fully committed to these challenges you WILL experience a transformation like no other you have ever experienced.

Well of course you may be a consistently high-performing person who gracefully moves from one high-energy, productive experience to another…in which case these 21 days/challenges will tweak and fine-tune your already excellent habits, taking you to an even more joyous place of existence.

If however, you have been on something of a roller-coaster ride, productive -or joyous or enthusiastic or peaceful or optimistic, etc – one day or week and not the other, with moments of activity paralysis and/or emotional funk in between, THIS 21-day detox will be transformative. Guaranteed.

The 21 challenges range from drinking more water to increased awareness to acts of kindness to consistent accountability; it is comprehensive and deals with the whole person, spirit, mind and body.

Why these particular challenges?

Every one of the 21 challenges was chosen deliberately and thoughtfully. Each one is designed to have a cascading impact on your mindset and self-discipline muscle.

In addition to the important business of detoxifying your mind, body and spirit, this 21-day detox is about improving the master of all habits, self-discipline. And what you will impact most with that powerfully improved habit is your mindset.

Mindset is the source of all success.

Research consistently demonstrates the power of mindset on behavior change. You can be trying your absolute best to do everything required of you and even more, with the most exciting goals articulated but still continually fall short of your desired outcomes. Success is not simply a will- power thing. We have to also deeply believe in our ability to create successful outcomes, and then have the habits to get the work done through self-discipline, diligent practice and preparation.

So we begin this detox with the mind. It is essential that you take what might seem like simple exercises very seriously. Do them with full commitment and I know you will have the outcomes you seek. Just make sure YOU believe your desired outcomes are not only possible but inevitable because you deserve them. And if you don’t believe this, recognize that challenge then address it with the exercises provided.

View the videos below outlining the challenges, guidelines and tools…then get ready to begin as a group on October 11, 2010 December 1st, 2010.   If you are on Facebook this link will take you to the event created specifically for this 21-Day Detox. Click “yes” to attend and you will receive the additional preparation exercises.

If you are NOT on Facebook, register by leaving a comment here.   Your comment will indicate your commitment and will go  a long way towards firming your resolve and it will also provide you with support and encouragement from other participants on this journey.

In order to receive all updates during the program you will have to be part of the Facebook event or sign up here for daily updates.

The Agreement form (contract with self), Challenge Chart (for ease of daily monitoring) and Self-Evaluation can be downloaded below. A (strong) suggestion: get and use a binder for housing these forms – organization is key!

I am so excited about being on this journey with you! Our previous 21-day programs have been transformational and this one promises to be even more so.

Wishing you an abundance of peace and joy,


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21-Day Detox Downloads

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21-Day Detox:  Spirit, Mind and Body – Part 1

21-Day Detox:  Spirit, Mind and Body – Part 2