Want More Joy? 7 Surefire Steps to Lasting Joy

  Hello there! I’ve been thinking and writing a lot about self-discipline.  It’s a habit or a mindset that leads to intense satisfaction and lasting joy. The joy comes when a mountain of work is accomplished and the reward is reserved for when it is done.  Then upon completion, several deep exhales of held breath […]

3 of These Moments a Day Can Save Your Life (and add such JOY!)

Hello My Friend, Taking a Moment To breathe disturbing thoughts away To invite hope and build optimism To be still, to simply be Take a moment…be still Welcome gratitude, humility and peace No thoughts, just stillness and presence Just being… love, always love Take a moment… be still And just be. ♥~ Wishing you peace, […]

How to Do More Every Day – 18 Ways to Get Distracting Feelings Out of Your Way!

Hello My Friend, Over the years, people have said to me again and again…and I have said to myself too… “These feelings are in my way.” Feelings are always getting in the way of getting things done. They seem to have a mind of their own – and actually that statement is more accurate than […]

Here’s How to Be Patient, Right NOW!

Hello My Friend, Watchin’ and waitin’ for seeds to germinate and sprout a speck of green is one awesome life lesson. Whew! It is so exciting though. I’ve been watching these tiny surfaces with great expectation. The heart gets full of joy at the mere sight of a speck poking through the dirt.Now if I […]

How much time do you spend sharpening your axe?

Hello My Friend, How long do you spend “sharpening your axe”?  The axe represents your tools, skills, mindsets, knowledge, talents and gifts.   The sharpening process is how you prepare for and improve your craft and indeed, your life. How much time do you invest in preparation for your meetings, projects and presentations?  When the stakes […]

10 Things to Do for More Joy – and Avoid the Top 5 Deathbed Regrets

  Hello My Friend!  Do you know it’s one of the most regretted things of the dying?  “I wish I had let myself be happier” is what people who were dying shared with a palliative nurse in London. Her other findings are here. [How to Avoid the Top 5 Deathbed Regrets]  Living with more joy doesn’t […]

31 “Small Changes” That Can Make a BIG Difference – Choose One!

Hello My Friend! It’s a common belief that personal change and development require huge changes in daily habits, thoughts and behaviors. Don’t believe it. Major life transformations CAN and often do begin with small but significant changes in daily behavior and thought habits. Like a small drop creating larger and larger circles. Reflect on your […]

Do you have this condition – Destination Addiction?

Hello Dear One, So many are stricken with the life-crippling DAS… Destination Addiction Syndrome. It can suck all the life and joy out of your life! BE present. Simple but not easy. This is one major draw back of simple and persistent “goal-setting” – it’s why every session of goal-setting must begin with massive gratitude. […]

Top 10 Habits of a Self-Disciplined Person

Hello My Friend, Over the years I have worked so hard on being self-disciplined. It surely DID NOT come easy! These ten habits took time, sweat and some tears to create. And it’s not just me. Based on the many, many conversations, sessions and interventions over the years, with people who were desperately trying to […]

Overwhelmed? Take These 7 Steps…

  Hello there! It is a sad reality but many people – even those who look the opposite, are quite overwhelmed.  There are many reasons for this. We live in an information overload era. SO much information is at our fingertips we can hardly keep up with a fraction of what comes our way. We […]