How to Win…at anything!

Hello! :-)

Yesterday I got ‘beat real bad’ on the racquetball court…by my husband, Chris Kelly.

I went onto the court defeated, mentally, as I was having a terrible day.

But what was worse was my attitude after loosing each point. Boy was I annoyed with myself for missing the easiest shots! So after loosing 3 games in a row, I had to do some mind control.

Just like in life when one mistake ruins a day because we don’t brush it off…same thing here. I told myself that after every missed shot I was going to groan for just a second (keeping it real, acknowledging the loss and setting a limit) and then I would smile and look forward to the next chance at that shot!

Worked like a charm…as expected. I won the next game! Lol. Loved it! And I had a ton more fun along the way.

When we hang on to negative feelings about mistakes we prolong the agony and miss the lesson…and the fun of life. Let it go, get the lesson and keep it moving. Practice this with the next mistake you make today… 

Be light, be free of negativity, and see how joyful you will be!

Wishing an abundance of light, love and joy,

Julette Millien