Want More Joy? 7 Surefire Steps to Lasting Joy

  Hello there! I’ve been thinking and writing a lot about self-discipline.  It’s a habit or a mindset that leads to intense satisfaction and lasting joy. The joy comes when a mountain of work is accomplished and the reward is reserved for when it is done.  Then upon completion, several deep exhales of held breath […]

How to Live an Extraordinary Life – 16 Essential Daily Habits

Hello My Friend! Along with my clients, my work keeps me growing and learning and over the years I’ve collected quite a lot of informal research and insights about habits, success and how one impacts the other. There are certain habits that truly successful and extraordinary people have consciously developed because they understand their foundational […]

Everybody can do a thing once but how CONSISTENT are you?

    Hello My Friend, It’s all about consistency. Everybody can do a thing once. We have all started, with great gusto, projects and “new habits” only to find ourselves loosing steam within a week or so Consistency based on total commitment is what it is all about. “It” is life, success, excellence, highest and […]

3 main time-wasters and 10 steps to STOP!

Hello My Friend! When we look back on life and how time passed – SO often we have regrets about what could have been accomplished in that space of time! We often spend time in ways not planned. Usually the plan is to be productive but often we are not. Here’s how we waste time […]

How is your self-discipline? 5 questions to find out

Hello My Friend! On a scale of 1 – 10 how hard is your self-discipline muscle, if 10 is bone hard? Don’t complicate your answer with “if” and “when” and “sometimes”…just let your first answer at the gut level stand. More specifically: When you say you will get something done, does it get done even […]

The #1 MUST HAVE in Creating a Powerful New Habit

Hello My Friend, This has been revealed again and again. I have trained and coached thousands in this area for  3+ decades and invariably, those who fail to create a new success habit, fail because they lacked this essential ingredient. Some have said to me that It’s almost a chicken and egg discussion though.  What […]

How to handle internal negativity

Hello My Friend, It happens to the best of us! The onslaught of negativity, burdening our mind, our body and our spirit. Be ready for when ANY thought that is less than optimistic or productive or creative or love-centered taps on your mind, heart or spirit! Remember this ▼▼▼   In every moment you have the power of […]

Top 10 Habits of a Self-Disciplined Person

Hello My Friend, Over the years I have worked so hard on being self-disciplined. It surely DID NOT come easy! These ten habits took time, sweat and some tears to create. And it’s not just me. Based on the many, many conversations, sessions and interventions over the years, with people who were desperately trying to […]

Why You Must Push Past the Resistance

Hello My Friend, As I was taking off my sneakers this morning, it hit me like a ton of bricks! Again. I REALLY ( I mean REALLY) did NOT feel like working out this morning – as I said to Chris as we began. Just something about dancing around to Zumba, planking and sit-ups that […]

The 12 Universal Truths That Will Save The World – A Pictorial

    Hello My Friend!   I just had a familiar conversation with someone and it got back to a familiar refrain: “but who is to say what is right, I mean really, it is all relative you know.”   That is truly sad!  It’s that perspective that has us not coming together on one […]