Want More Joy? 7 Surefire Steps to Lasting Joy

  Hello there! I’ve been thinking and writing a lot about self-discipline.  It’s a habit or a mindset that leads to intense satisfaction and lasting joy. The joy comes when a mountain of work is accomplished and the reward is reserved for when it is done.  Then upon completion, several deep exhales of held breath […]

3 Steps to Get Back ( and Stay ) on Track with Your Goals

  Success is ALWAYS ahead, IF we CHOOSE! Hello My Friend, Have you noticed that when you start a thing – a project, a relationship or a new habit – the adrenalin and excitement of starting is generally enough to keep you on track and on task for a period of time? It’s called the honeymoon!  Staying on […]

How to Take Charge of Your Mindset in 7 Steps

Hello Dear Friend, It is so much easier to say “today I am going to be _____________” – than to do it or be it. Fill in any positive word you’d like. Perhaps, productive? Positive? Optimistic? Joy-filled? Inspired?  Complete with the state of being of your choice. Is that enough? Hardly! We have to say […]

The #1 reason people fail

Hola Dear One! The # 1 reason is this… THEY SIMPLY DO NOT BELIEVE THEY WILL SUCCEED! How are you preparing yourself for your success? With thoughts of failure? I pray not. I challenge you this week to visualize each and every day, the most outrageous success you can imagine. Whether it’s at work or school, […]