Forgiveness Tip Time – Big Difference Between Pardoning and Forgiving!

  Some folks think when they’re forgiven they are free from consequences… NOT TRUE! And others withhold forgiveness because they believe the person will not be held accountable…or, hold themselves accountable. (This happens but is not your business – forgiveness is for YOU whether people are held accountable or not!) There is a BIG difference between […]

Not ready to forgive? 12 Things To Do… Until Forgiveness Flows From You

Hello My Friend, Deciding to forgive yourself or someone else can be a huge and slow process/decision for some people. Of course the sooner the better…the faster you are  free to live and love at your highest and best. But it is a challenge for so many. So in the meanwhile here are some things you […]

Forgiveness Tip Time – Waiting to Forgive

Forgiveness Tip Time – Being Free to Fight the Good Fight

  We can be so easily derailed, distracted and even demonized when we are guided by our (legitimate) feelings of outrage. Don’t fall for it. Stay focused on the bigger cause and higher purpose.   Redirect that rage…and fight the good fight. Wishing You Abundant Joy, Love and Peace Julette Millien ∞♥∞

Forgiveness Tip Time – How to Forgive Family

Though the toughest (next to forgiving our self) forgiving family has the richest rewards – like emotionally healthy children, deep bonds that add to every family member’s peace and, joy and really fun (for real) family reunions! Wishing you an abundance of love, peace and joy, Julette Millien ∞♥∞          

Forgiveness Tip Time – Activism & Forgiveness

  This has really been weighing on me — There were discussions and disagreements this week about the role of forgiveness in violent, horrific acts of racism ( as in SC) and as a response to systematic racism in general. That “forgiveness” has been used as a way to stomp out activism is beyond dispute […]

7 Reasons People Withhold Forgiveness (and Block Their Blessings)

Hello My Friend,   Not being a forgiving person is probably the single most powerful cause of most if not all  of our issues, pains and blocks. We KNOW all there is to know about forgiveness I believe – the scriptures, the command to love each other, the benefits to our health, relationships, the power of its […]

Forgiveness Tip Time – Unblock the Flow ~~~

It’s always a choice… not what happens but how we respond. Wishing you an abundance of Love, Peace & Joy, Julette Millien ∞♥∞    

How Being Sensitive Saved Me (and 5 ways you can turn being “sensitive” into a BIG asset!)

Hello My Friend, When I was younger, a little girl, I thought my sensitivity was a big problem. I hurt easily, pouted and was often perceived as rude.  And with my red lips (extra obvious on a little girl) the pout looked even poutier.  (These extra red lips posed many a challenge! People actually thought […]

Forgiveness Tip Time – Those Pesky Expectations

  Do you think, feel, believe that others should do what you don’t do, or think you should/need to do? Be careful of unrealistic or unfair expectations… sometimes people are doing the best they can given their own issues and pains, experiences and beliefs But be sure to FORGIVE YOURSELF once you realize that you […]