Not ready to forgive? 12 Things To Do… Until Forgiveness Flows From You

Hello My Friend, Deciding to forgive yourself or someone else can be a huge and slow process/decision for some people. Of course the sooner the better…the faster you are  free to live and love at your highest and best. But it is a challenge for so many. So in the meanwhile here are some things you […]

7 Reasons People Withhold Forgiveness (and Block Their Blessings)

Hello My Friend,   Not being a forgiving person is probably the single most powerful cause of most if not all  of our issues, pains and blocks. We KNOW all there is to know about forgiveness I believe – the scriptures, the command to love each other, the benefits to our health, relationships, the power of its […]

How Being Sensitive Saved Me (and 5 ways you can turn being “sensitive” into a BIG asset!)

Hello My Friend, When I was younger, a little girl, I thought my sensitivity was a big problem. I hurt easily, pouted and was often perceived as rude.  And with my red lips (extra obvious on a little girl) the pout looked even poutier.  (These extra red lips posed many a challenge! People actually thought […]

Power-Start Your Day — Remember These 5 Things Within 5 Minutes of Rising

Hello Dear One, I promise you, remember these 5 things as you rise and your day will begin with the most inspired mindset and open heart; ready for all the miracles of the day. 1)      If you believe in God, remember GOD LOVES YOU – NO MATTER WHAT! If you don’t believe in God, remember […]

Pride & Forgiveness – Will you be at peace before you die?

Forgiveness by John Greenleaf Whittier My heart was heavy, for its trust had been Abused, its kindness answered with foul wrong; So, turning gloomily from my fellow-men, One summer Sabbath day I strolled among The green mounds of the village burial-place; Where, pondering how all human love and hate Find one sad level; and how, […]

3 main time-wasters and 10 steps to STOP!

Hello My Friend! When we look back on life and how time passed – SO often we have regrets about what could have been accomplished in that space of time! We often spend time in ways not planned. Usually the plan is to be productive but often we are not. Here’s how we waste time […]

12 “Selfish” and Powerful Acts of Kindness

  Hello My Friend! There are 5 Vital Venus of life: Self; Home; Relationships; Work/Business/School; Community/POW (place of worship). To live a whole, balanced and joy-filled life – no lopsided happiness or success – being kind and productive in these Five Vital Venues is essential. The first venue is ‘self.’  Why?  Because we can’t be kind (or be […]

5 Things to Give Up to INCREASE Your Daily Joy

  Hello My Friend, We all say we want more joy. Some people act like it’s some sort of mystery or secret about how to have it…joy, pure, lasting, unquenchable JOY! But really it is not mysterious and there are many paths to joy; many things you can give up or start doing to increase […]

The Love Flow

  Hello Dear Friend, Imagine, just imagine that spout delivering what we need most in this land. I see a day when we can be on one accord, pouring love and kindness, understanding and forgiveness, peace and joy all through our hearts, minds and lands.  Seems impossible now for most, especially in our war-torn towns […]

How to Heal – Five Habits That Help

Hello My Friend, If there is hurt on your heart, you’re probably, without even intending to, hurting others. I want to encourage you today to heal that hurt. Feel what you need to feel. Deal with it so you can heal through it. Express what you need to express – in writing, in person if […]