Serena’s One Bad Habit – She Says


2013 US Open - Day 12

Hello there!

When I read this article about Serena Williams and her attempts to become “superfit”  my mouth hung open. This super athlete – in my humble opinion, thinks she is not and has “never really been fit, you know.” 

Huh?! How can that be? I know she has had her ups and downs, her injuries and her full life…but not fit? Ever? (all I could think about as I read this incredible statement was her super cut arms!)

She explained and it made more sense. She hasn’t been as fit as she knew she COULD be.  And here’s what she said about why that is:  “I’m still not super-fit, because I always have cream sodas at night.”

She believes that one little thing has stopped her from being her most fit. Amazing how one “small” action or daily habit can separate us from our highest and best self.

So what is your cream soda?

What one thing can you stop doing today and your life would be on a higher and better path by tomorrow? What one thing is holding you back, the most?

Is it a weakness for a particular food item?

Or a wake-up time that has you starting the day in a huff and puff each morning?

Or how about a recurring negative thought…is there some constant thought that is always popping up and into your emotions – taking you into a negative tail-spin?

When you thing about what your “cream soda” is don’t stop at the things you actually, physically do, consider the things you think, feel and believe as well.

Now when you decide what your cream soda is, forgive yourself for having the bad habit, make a plan to replace it with something positive…and get to it! :-)

Even if it’s a very small step, take it TODAY!

Devote 21 days to creating a new habit in its place and live your best possible life. You and all your loved ones deserve nothing less; you, at your very best! What better gift can you give the world?


Wishing you an abundance of love, joy and prosperity,

Julette Millien